What is Power BI?

Power BI full form is Power business intelligence. Power BI is a very powerful business intelligence tool which makes business analytical process seamlessly and intelligently. Or you can say Power BI is a Data Visualization and Business Intelligence tool that converts data from different data sources to interactive dashboards and BI reports. In the very simple work, we can show our data in Graph Form with some advance feature like filtering, edit, and updating.

Power BI is developed by “Microsoft” and Power BI purpose is the convert the data into a meaningful item like graphs and visualizations.

Benefit of Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based tool that requires no capital expenditure or infrastructure support regardless of the size of a business. Typical of all Microsoft cloud services, implementation of Power BI embedded is rapid and trouble-free.

1. Power BI can Built with Microsoft technology (Share Point, SQL Server etc) and non-Microsoft technology (Spark, Hadoop, Google Analytics ,SAP , Salesforce ,MailChimp).

2. The tool helps you to setup automatic data refresh and publish reports allowing all the users to avail the latest information.

3. Power BI sets up access control through Active Directory (AD), the same control panel your organization uses for other Microsoft solutions.

4. It helps in transforming your enterprise data into rich visuals, thus extracting business intelligence for enhanced decision making.

Download Power BI
Power BI Desktop is available in both windows version (32-bit and 64-bit).
To download the latest version, you can use the following link −

Power BI – Architecture

Power BI Desktop − Power BI Desktop is used to create reports and data visualizations on the dataset.

Power BI Gateway − You can use Power BI on-premises gateway to keep your data fresh by connecting to your on-premises data sources without the need to move the data. It allows you to query large datasets and benefit from the existing investments.

Power BI Mobile Apps − You can stay connected to their data from anywhere. Power BI apps are available for Windows, iOS, and Android platform. These native apps provide live, interactive, mobile access to your important business information.

Power BI Service − This is a cloud service and is used to publish Power BI reports and data visualizations.

Types of Connections in Power BI

Power BI built application with Microsoft and non- Microsoft .There are more than 50 connections are available.

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