How to add call button in website

Now a days we everyone using internet on mobile so add a call button is the best feature to add our website because mobile web surfing the benefits of calling direct from a web page become more realistic. It is not a new feature but many developers they are not aware this feature of HTML As we know that anchor tag (<a>) we use to transfer one page to another and this tag is also call a number on a phone-capable device.
Simple we call add this feature only write below syntax:-
  <a href="tel:987654321">Call 987654321</a>
We can use also on text links:-
  <a href="tel:987654321">for call click Here</a>

Note :- If you want to change code (customize code ) for mobile or desktop device then below link will help you.

Now you can also watch this video for more understanding . That's video is design by My Friend Dhruvin Shah

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